“Passport for Life” was an informal group of young people for its first three years (from 2009 to 2013). It turned into a non-profit association to perpetuate its action and enlarge its field of possibilities. We are a non profit since 2013.

Based in Brussels since its beginnings and mobile because of its many projects, the main goal of “Passport for Life” is to support the development of everyone’s full personal and intellectual potential to teach them to know themselves better and/or to train them with different activities to realize their dreams.

The association indirectly meets the need for self-realization which is more and more present in our society.

Our target group is all the people who are building their identity, finding their own way and in the full development of their potential.

At the moment, and since the creation of the informal group of young people who created the non-profit association, our activities are supervised by qualified persons and on a 100% volunteer basis.

 You can download our legal status (in french) here