Self-esteem classes

Self-esteem classes

We notice that more and more children have self-esteem issues. And so they have few friends, they’re easily frustrated or discouraged, they do not dare try new things, they have difficulties following rules and behave themselves, they’re often reserved and depressed, and they often say “I cannot do this”.

In the self-esteem classes we offer, we work on self-esteem and social abilities with 4 approaches:

1) “get to know each other” (facilitates the exchanges!)

2) “get to know oneself and the other” (better perception of self, of the other, to then widen to socialization)

3) “sense and identify feelings”

4) “solve relational problems”

This will lead to a clear change in the children and we’ll be able to observe a better feeling of security, well-being and joy. We’ll also notice that they’re better surrounded by friends, that they dare try new activities and detach themselves from their parents and what they know. They’re more creative and don’t seem to need constant encouragement.

Our classes can be organized on demand: in your organization, at school in extracurricular classes or in private. The formation is made up of 12 weekly classes of 90 minutes. We accept maximum 8 children, aged between 10 and 12.

It’s supervised by Roxane Malik, assistant in psychology, psycho-motor therapist and coach.