Let’s talk together: the rules

How to play

Game type: cooperative game

Number of players : From 2 players but up to 7 teams can be formed with as many players as they want, from the same country; a game master reading the instructions.

Estimated duration: 60 to 90 minutes.

Aim: Each national team must earn as much money as possible traveling around Europe to carry out a citizen action decided before the game starts.


Each team takes turn answering questions as accurately as possible. After they’ve heard all the answers, the players allocate points as a team. Each team decides how many points they will give to the other teams.

Teams vote positively and give the maximum if:

– They have learnt something
– It made them want to learn more
– The story or the anecdote was funny

Or, like the Eurovision, because some countries have more affinities. But this is not really fair play, is it?

Beware the time master, who’s moving across Europe independently and who may end the game before you have collected enough money. And don’t forget the “economic crisis” squares on which you could lose everything!

At the end of the game, teams will have collected money, with each euro collected worth one million euros. Then, each country shares its citizen action idea and the game is over.
This game may be rented under specific conditions. Contact us!